The BUTTS League is named after the Birmingham University Toucan and Toxophily Society, one of the participant universities in the league. The other five are:
Cambridge University Bowmen (CUB)
Loughborough Students Archery Club (LSAC)
University of Nottingham Archery Society (UNAS)
Oxford University Company of Archers (OUCofA)
University of Warwick Archery Club (UWAC)

The format of the league is this: Every university hosts a leg of the competition, where they invite the other five universities to come and participate in a tournament shot over the Portsmouth round (5 dozen arrows at 20 yards). Each university sends their best experienced and novice archers available to shoot, and the highest team score wins 6 points for the league position, the next 5 and so on to 1 point for the team that came 6th, or zero for a no-show. Medals are awarded to individuals (and when the budget stretches far enough teams as well) on the day.

Generally, two universities will hold their legs in Autumn Term, and three will hold their legs in Spring (most clubs also attend BUSA Indoor Champs and BUTC in this term). Cambridge currently does not have its own university sports hall (hopefully there'll be one by 2010!) so holds its leg outside in May, when the weather is more clement.

The BUTTS Organiser is responsible for telling universities when to hold their BUTTS legs, buying the medals, collating results and generally being the captains' point of contact in all things BUTTS League-related.